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Mastercraft 195/55/16 LSR Grand Touring Blem

Mastercraft 195/55/16 LSR Grand Touring Blem


The LSR Grand Touring represents the latest in luxury, all-season touring performance for a wide range of passenger vehicles. The LSR Grand Touring is built around innovative design and technology that delivers a well-blended and balance of all-season performance and long tread life.

Asymmetrical Tread Pattern
The asymmetric pattern allows the outboard side of the tread pattern to be tuned with rigid tread elements for outstanding dry handling and traction while the inboard side of the tread pattern is optimized for wet and light snow conditions.

SCS Technology
Stability Control Siping (SCS) utilizes 3-D sipes technology to stabilize tread elements providing enhanced handling in wet and dry conditions.

Tread Profile
New generation tread profile affording a more desired footprint geared toward uniform treadwear and optimal tire performance.

Light Weight Construction
Light weight construction and design for less rolling mass and increased fuel efficiency.

M + S Rated

Price Includes Mount and Balance!

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